Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coming Up (Later if not Sooner)

I wanted to post more between July and December than that one in September. There were many plans and ideas and interruptions.

First I was working on a post about Marian Call in concert. Started it, haven't finished yet.

Then I was distracted by John's Scalzi's blog post about Straight White Male being the lowest difficulty setting. I read the comments, I read links from the comments and the comments on them (the links), I read the follow-up and commented on it. I thought about my own experiences and writing a blog post combining a link roundup with my own story. It was quite a project. I have bookmarks, but otherwise haven't started it.

Then I was distracted by lots of pregnancy stuff. There's less urgency to writing about it now. At first, with each new development, I'd think about posting something here, rather than on facebook. But after starting on facebook, the later updates wouldn't have made sense here, without going back to the beginning. I didn't have the energy yet. At this point, there are things I want to remember, but I could just journal about them without posting them publicly, right?

Well, yes. (Though I probably wouldn't, I journal much less since I started blogging.)

On the other hand, coming at this from a different angle, I've told hardly anyone much about what my childbirth experience was like. I mean, it sort of got eclipsed by NEW BABY, YAY! Rightfully so. But I think it still makes sense to tell, especially because the scary parts of the childbirth (which there were, especially in retrospect when I'm not quite as exhausted etc. and can piece things together a little more) make me all the more grateful for Gracie here, now, healthy and beautiful.

So. Childbirth story. But that story begins with some of the pregnancy stories. For those who aren't friends with me on facebook, I will try to begin at the beginning. So. That will come next, I think.

Maybe after that I'll gush about Gracie Properly. Put up a picture or two. I mean, also for those of you who aren't friends with me on facebook.

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