Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things I Wish I'd Said, or: Snark, Incoming

I probably wouldn't be posting and linking to this on a weekday morning normally, but I have an eye appointment later and I'm not going to work until after that.

Meanwhile, I am feeling very squinty. *cues up unnecessary explanation*

My glasses are broken. Well, sort of. They could be fixed. One of the screws holding the frames together came out. I didn't lose it, but it seems to be stripped.

How that could possibly be, when my glasses are only about a decade old... oh wait.

My last eye appointment was around eight and a half years ago, before I married. I didn't get new glasses at the time, I got contacts, probably a year's supply. I haven't bought contacts again since they ran out, though I might in my next appointment after today, after getting new glasses. The last time, eight and a half years ago, he said my prescription hadn't changed much, so I didn't bother with the glasses. My appointment before that was probably... oh, I don't know, maybe a few years earlier. Maybe more.

Anywho. *back to not exactly regularly scheduled programming*

In a recent Facebook thread about personality types, someone commented on the phenomenon where you think of the perfect thing to say in a discussion -- a discussion which everyone finished days ago, and which feels silly to bring up again.

Heh. I am ALL OVER this. I said,

"I've been thinking about adding a category to my blog along the lines of, 'Things I Wish I'd Said' -- totally understand! I'd use it even for online conversations, because even though they're written and technically I could come back to them, sometimes the answer that keeps bugging me doesn't get used right away, but it STILL KEEPS BUGGING me, even a year later, and in online time, that's like decades, and is just ridiculous!"
So. They get their own category, here. It's not like I'm going to put up EVERYTHING which could possibly qualify -- I want to be careful, I don't want to post anything that would make people feel like I was attempting to talk behind their backs, for example. I also want it all to fit within the focus of the blog, though arguably, writing extensive analysis of arguments I'm highly passionate about automatically qualifies. Nonetheless.

For quite a while after I first thought of the idea and toyed with it, I didn't think it was necessarily a good one. It kept coming up, but... nah. Besides my reservations, I have a backlog of ideas, not enough time to develop and post them.

I still won't be promising or even trying for any kind of a posting schedule for this series/category -- things will come up when they come up.

But I'm doing it. The final straw? A comment thread that's almost two years old -- which I found last week. Doesn't technically fit the series specs, but close enough.

The working title of the blog post about it is, "I read too much of the internet, and my brain exploded."

Taking notes on it has been fun so far, if in a rather "Wow, these comments seem more and more wrongheaded the more I think about them, which is impressive, considering where they started!" sort of way.

Snark. It's coming. You've been warned.

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Marcy said...

Huh. Can I just say, when your face is apparently a TINY TINY NARROW FACE, it's hard to find decent-looking frames for your glasses? Maybe I should've asked if they had any kids' frames I could look at...