Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Announcement and More to Come

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I've been... busy isn't exactly the word?

If you hadn't heard already elsewhere, this is how I announced it on Twitter:

(We did a cute video with Gracie on Facebook, but I'm keeping that private.)

That was back on March 24th. That I announced. I'm due October 15, though as I keep telling everyone whether they ask or not, odds of getting Cholestasis again are possibly about 70-90%, which would mean being induced early, probably at about 37 weeks. So this may be a late September baby.

I'm at 19 weeks tomorrow. I had some cramping today. I'm probably fine, not particularly worried about it. I probably (Too many "probably"s! Stahp! And you call yourself a writer.) let myself get a little dehydrated today, plus this just seems to be what my body does. Lots of early ineffective contractions, sometimes a bit of cramping.

But I called my doctor's office, because that's what their website said to do. Might as well.

Tonight I'm to rest, drink lots of water, lie down as much as possible. Keep a close eye on myself, the nurse made me an appointment for tomorrow morning that I can cancel if there are no further developments.

Then the nurse talked to my doctor, and called me back. I was getting an ultrasound next week, the anatomy scan, but they've moved it to tomorrow! Woo! Yay cramps, we may find out if it's a boy or a girl tomorrow! >_>

I mean, like I said, I'm really not worried. If anything, I'm more worried about spending a lot of time in the hospital in the next 20ish weeks than I am about anything happening to the baby. I care, it's just a matter of what seems most likely to me.

It is true that I've had an invisible infection during pregnancy before, manifesting only in LOTS of contractions, so I guess my body does that too, and not just a uterus that is super irritable all the time just because, so there is some cause for concern. But that would mean antibiotics and... well, possibly continued preterm fuss, because once your body starts that sort of thing it seems to keep it up, but still, I'm thinking lots of hospital appointments are more likely than the baby actually coming too early.

But I haven't even had that many contractions today, so.


I was thinking about how Not Worried I am, and I realized something. The nurse and my doctor? Probably more concerned than I am. After my experiences with doctors in my first pregnancy, I think this is pretty much The Best Thing.

Anyway, I'm supposed to rest and all, so I'd better go to bed now, without editing this much. (The probablys shall stay.) Night, all!

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