Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's a Girl!

Gracie was right, we're having a girl kitty! Well, a girl, anyway.

(If you didn't hear the joke, here it is:

Though she was very insistent in that particular conversation, in later conversations she decided on kitty, and then girl kitty when pressed. And stuck to that ever after. She even started saying "she" once when I was saying "it," and she tends to use "he," even for her pink dolls. I know she had a 50% chance of being right, but I'm still a tad impressed, despite myself.)

Also, everything is perfect and fine. Everything. Bonus, I received permission from the ultrasound tech to never again drink more water for an ultrasound than I did for this one today. Which wasn't much. I was... pretty comfortable, actually. It was kinda weird! She said if my bladder were any more full, it might just get in the way. Even if this had been an early pregnancy ultrasound. And that I was like reading a textbook. So that was cool.

Baby foot!!!
And! Even though everything is perfect! My doctor still was glad I called!

I mean, you hear about doctors and nurses saying that sort of thing, but that's... not how my previous doctors were. Yes, the first time I came in with preterm contractions with Gracie, they took it seriously. But even then I didn't get the vibe from them that I got from my doctor today, the "Call anytime, and we can schedule more prenatal appointments for you if you need" thing.

And then (with the past doctors, not today's) even when my Nurse Practitioner sent me over to the hospital, it was, "You should know how these feel by now." Uh, yeah, sure, they feel like Braxton Hicks, but I'm not supposed to be having them every few minutes? No, the vibe then was that they would have told me not to come in even with eight or more contractions per hour (the warning point printed on most release forms... though sometimes they even just say more than four per hour), except liability, so they couldn't come out and say it.


Yes, I like this doctor better.

ALSO. My last appointment, before today, I saw a different doctor at the practice. I LIKED HER, TOO. THAT'S TWO OF THEM. OUT OF TWO SO FAR. SO MANY.

There were moments and things I liked at the previous place, don't get me wrong. People and things they did I'm grateful for. But... yeah.

That is all.

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