Saturday, June 20, 2015

48-Hour Book Challenge, 2015!

Once again I make the 48-Hour Book Challenge attempt. There's a lot going on this weekend, and... we shall see. Twelve hours of reading and blogging and networking are required for true official participation, and I've never actually managed that yet. (That's my 48-Hour Book Challenge label link, and will take you to all my posts on it, this year's and the last couple years'.)

But, you know, two years ago I had a baby, and last year I had a one-year-old. This year, clearly, I have a two-year-old, and my chances are a little better... but on the other hand, this is Father's Day weekend. Not that we're doing a ton, just thinking through logistics and groceries and dishes, and it isn't the best possible weekend to be selfish and hide in a corner with books. Though hey! Even being selfish, I want to spend time with my family -- this is a good problem to have.

My reading plan this year is comparatively simple, though not the most fun possible plan. (The fun way is to read lots of smaller books, not a big chunk of one huge book. You feel more accomplished.) I'm in a classics book club online, and I've gotten behind in my Brothers Karamazov reading. I'd like to finish reading Part III, "due" on Monday, even though we'll probably only discuss Book VII that day. (The first Book of Part III, numbering doesn't restart in every Part, even though the chapter numbers do in every Book -- yes, Brothers K content divisions are a little complicated.)

I've already read a little before starting and publishing this post, but basically I'm just doing the post a little late... well, okay, a lot late, but I mostly drafted this at about ten this morning, and then went out and did stuff before editing and posting. At any rate, I'd already started the Challenge before drafting this, as the latest allowed window of the Challenge goes from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday. So we'll say I started at midnight Friday, though I was sleeping at the time. That's allowed in the rules.

Um. So anyway, at the beginning of the Challenge, I was at loc.7217 in my Kindle copy of The Brothers Karamazov, or 45% of the way through the book. Looking at a few online listings, the pagination is all over the map, but averages somewhere around 800 pages, so we'll say I'm at roughly page 360. In the middle of Part III, Book VII, Chapter III, "An Onion." There's one more chapter in Book VII after that, and then two more Books in Part III, one of eight chapters, and one of nine chapters. If I finish those, I'll start thinking about some more reviewing and reading of other things. If. I'm also in the middle of Anne of Avonlea, and would love to read some more of that. And I have some books due back at the library soon which I should read and review... well, one of them I've read and only need to review, though I haven't yet reviewed the other books before it in its trilogy... Um, I sort of doubt I'm going to do anything with the library books this weekend. Probably I'll just return them and check them out again some other time. But anyway.

Uh, yeah, that's the plan/all my rambling thoughts about all of this! Onward and Upward!

Less verbosity on Starting Line posts! (She says, too late.) More reading! \o/

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