Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fruits Basket Volume 7

Fruits Basket Volume 7 by Natsuki Takaya

This one had lots of things that weren’t in the anime, and even the things that were in the anime, like the introduction of Hiro, are developed more fully here in the manga. This is where it gets hard to stop reading… so much new cute and sad awesome material! Hiro’s still annoying, of course. What he thinks makes you like him better than what he says. Mostly his sarcasm and smart remarks, which seem so odd in someone so young, just make him seem younger. Anyway, there’s a bit more explanation in the manga. Pieces of the story fit together. Akito, Hiro, Kisa… things that happened that made sense before make even more sense as we see more of the reasons behind them. And then there’s picking out a new swimsuit for Tohru, the girls from a Yankee gang who come looking for Uo and don’t exactly come away from it as they expect… starting out with some really bad crushes on Yuki and Kyo… (= And a lot more of Uo’s background. That was really good. Tohru and her mom are/were so awesome. Then there’s some stuff with Minagawa, the head of the Yuki fan club. Poor girl. One feels so embarassed for her… oh, and allusions to two members on the class council for next year. Very mysterious.

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