Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Star Scroll

The Star Scroll (Dragon Prince #2) by Melanie Rawn

More characters in this one than in
Dragon Prince, reviewed on 10-27-07. Everyone had children, and the children in the last book have grown up. So a few more storylines to follow, more politics. I was glad Rohan realized you can't establish a rule of law (as opposed to dictatorship) by dictator means. You fail by definition. I'm just not quite sure why all his friends take so long getting it (and I do mean friends -- there are others who don't get it, much more understandably). It'd be one thing if all he wanted was power, maybe some temporary peace and safety. But he'd made it clear he wanted more than that. Silly people.

Speaking of silly, I'm not sure Rawn understands power very well, especially inherited power. Yes, these rulers are going to use their increased power wisely. But the lords under them are right to be nervous, and far more than nervous, because their children, or their children's children, may not. Historically speaking, odds are they won't. So keep your powers separated! It may be fun giving power to all the favorite characters, but come on. Still, maybe as the storyline progresses in the next books these things will be admitted.

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