Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Poetry

I read some Christmas poetry this year (11/27/08-12/1/08), because of SLOBS, although I didn't go to the meeting which discussed the poems. I can't do quite my typical review because I don't have a book of the poems, just a printout, which I will loan to you if you want. But I do want to find more by some of these poets. I particularly liked "Christmas Mourning" by Vassar Miller, "The Nativity of Christ" by Robert Southwell, and "Good Is the Flesh" by Brian Wren. I encourage you all, find some poetry this Christmas. Let yourself pause a moment for beauty and wonder.

"Gift better than Himself God does not know;
Gift better than his God no man can see.
This gift doth here the giver given bestow;
Gift to this gift let each receiver be.
God is my gift, himself he freely gave me;
God's gift am I, and none but God shall have me." -from "The Nativity of Christ," by Robert Southwell

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